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Automated self storage in Exeter

Exeters city centre self storage facility, Blockspace, uses a unique bluetooth locking system to secure its self storage units.
Blockspace Self Storage decided early doors to ditch the inefficiencies of key management in favour of a smart lock system operated by customers smart phones. Wireless locks have catapulted Exeters self storage company into a new realm of key management. Blockspace storage have lead Exeters self storage through innovation, making storage simple so customers have fewer things to think about.
Blockspace Storage's Smart Entry system is a state-of-the-art keyless system that allows you to access the facility and your locker with a phone app rather than a key or an access code. Our keyless locking system is integrated into every storage locker, eliminating even the need for padlocks. Customers can conveniently access everything on the smartphone app—from entering the premises, accessing the roller door, and unlocking your storage locker.
On top of Blockspace's 24hr security camera and alarm system, this gives customers a real peace of mind, tamperproof locks give only the customer access to their locker and no-one else.
Blockspace storage believe a smooth, unique customer experience comes first and are the first in Exeter to offer a keyless self storage experience. For convenience, peace of mind and innovation head to www.blockspacestorage.com for more information.